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Welcome to the website for the Cubbington community which has been developed through Cubbington Parish Council.

Whilst it contains information about the Parish Council, which we hope will be of interest, the website is intended to include a wide range of information about community organisations and details of activities taking place.  A variety of links to other websites are shown which we hope will be of use; these are displayed down the left hand side of this page and along the bottom.

Please let us have your views and comments by contacting Robert Inman, the Clerk to the Parish Council, by emailing clerk@cubbington.org.uk

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Cubbington’s wild pear tree was entered in the 2015 England’s Tree of the Year competition, and won. The results were announced in the Countryfile programme on BBC1 on Sunday, 8th November.  Futher information is availabe here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-34749065


The result of a public on-line ballot organised by the Woodland Trust; the veteran wild pear tree growing in an old hedgerow near South Cubbington Wood beat nine other noteworthy trees to claim the title.

If the planned High Speed Two (HS2) railway is built, however, the tree will be destroyed to make way for a wide and deep cutting.

Peter Delow, Chairman of the Cubbington Action Group against HS2, which nominated the pear tree, said:

“We asked people to vote for the Cubbington tree as a protest against its planned destruction, and clearly they did so in some numbers – I understand that our tree polled twice as many votes as our nearest rival. It is most heartening that so many people care about the protection of our natural environment and agree with me that the loss of this tree is just not acceptable, particularly as it could be avoided by changing the design of HS2. A feasible proposal has been made to tunnel under the tree, which would also protect the ancient woodland of South Cubbington Wood – an irreplaceable habitat that will also be destroyed, in part, by HS2.

“More than thirty ancient woodlands are directly at risk from the first phase of HS2 (London-West Midlands), yet it is stated government policy to avoid losses of ancient woodland and veteran trees. Our tree serves as a symbol for all that environmental destruction.  I hope that the crowning of the Cubbington tree will allow us to remind the Government of the obligation that it owes to our natural environment, and am very grateful to those who have given us this opportunity by voting for the Cubbington tree. ”

The award of the title carries with it automatic entry for the “European Tree of the Year 2016” competition.

Refuse and recycling collection Please open the following link for information about refuse and recycling collection changes over Christmas: here

Warwick Health Transport Service providing friendly, personal, low cost transport to and from health related appointments. Available to you as a resident of Cubbington if you are an older person, have difficulty getting to and from your medical appointments, and can walk unaided. To make a booking call 01789 472615 – lines are open between 10 am and 1 pm.

Cubbington Action Group Against HS2 – details of events being held by the Action Group can be found in the Village Diary.

The Action Group is  selling a series of handy notelets, showing South Cubbington Wood and the Leam valley.  Photographs of our beautiful local countryside include bluebells, wood anemones, butterflies and the Champion Wild Pear tree which will be destroyed by the building of the railway.  Blank inside, ideal for birthdays or presents or just to keep.  Sales will help them to continue the campaign. Please help to save our countryside and our national heritage!

Buy them from Frances Wilmot in Lillington (tel. 01926 426597) or Rosemary Guiot in Cubbington (tel. 01926 425283). The cost is £4 per pack of 8 different designs.

Public Meeting and Woodland Talk

Cubbington Action Group held a public meeting and woodland talk at the village hall on 4th June. The Group’s 5th AGM since its formation in 2010 included a written review of the past year from Chairman Peter Delow, with his additional comments on the outcome of the general election and its significance for HS2. The meeting appointed an unchanged management committee and accounts were presented.

The main event of the evening was an illustrated talk on Princethorpe Woodlands Living Landscapes by Chris Redstall, Living Landscapes Officer of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. Introducing the speaker, Peter Delow commented  ‘South Cubbington Wood, which HS2 would destroy, is one of 20 woods that comprise the Princethorpe Woodlands complex, a feature that has been described as “the most important cluster of ancient woodlands in Warwickshire”. Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, under its Living Landscapes project, has embarked upon a long-term project to survey and improve the quality of the habitat and, most critically, to reduce the effects of habitat fragmentation to produce a large-scale environment for wildlife’’.

Chris Redstall highlighted the national declining populations of many species, mainly due to the activities of man. Warwickshire has only 1.5% ancient broadleaf woodland cover, the lowest of any English county, and the aim of the Trust’s Living Landscapes initiative is to help keep the sights and sounds of nature as part of everyone’s everyday experience. Princethorpe Woods make up about 10 per cent of Warwickshire’s classic English woodland. He described it as a habitat with a high species diversity, identifying some plants and animals that the woods support.

Chris summarised the aims of woodland management which included:

1.Coppicing – to maintain and improve the quality of environment.

  1. The improvement and restoration of hedgerows to provide corridors for wildlife, linking sites to provide a wildlife-friendly “living landscape”. In the past two years 6km of old hedgerow had been restored and 90km surveyed, with the help of volunteer labour and the co-operation of landowners.

The audience was keen to question him at the end of his talk, showing their interest in the preservation of local woodland. As one of the ancient woodlands, South Cubbington Wood is rich in bluebells, wood anemones and primroses and has been much enjoyed by people on recent guided walks led by the Group which has worked so hard to try and protect it from the devastation of HS2.

Cubbington and District O.A.P. Association – details of forthcoming events and activities are shown in the Village Diary.

Volunteer Car Drivers Needed

Want to do something great  in  2014? The Warwickshire Health Transport Scheme  needs  local  volunteer car drivers in this area  to join their team. You must  enjoy socialising with a wide range of people, own you own car and be reliable and trustworthy. Drivers use their own cars to take the over 65s in the Warwick District to a variety of medical appointments. All expenses are reimbursed. You drive as much or as little as you wish depending on your circumstances.  Make a difference – contact    Back & 4th on (01789) 471595

Cubbington – past and present

The village of Cubbington lies almost in the centre of the county of Warwickshire, 2.5 miles north-east of Royal Leamington Spa. Unlike most rural parishes, Cubbington has experienced an almost continuous increase in population from 1801 to the present day, and is one of the few villages in Warwickshire to have more than 1,000 inhabitants (4,034 according to the 2001 National Census).

There are two suggested origins for the name Cubbington, the first being Cobynton , meaning “town of the descendants of Coba.”  The second is from the name used for a time after the Domesday Book  of 1086, Cumbynton.  Cumbe was a medieval word recording that there was a settlement in a low or deep hollow. The fact that the village lies in a shallow valley supports the second theory.

In November 1605 a group of men, including Robert Catesby, who were involved in the Gunpowder plot, travelled through the village after the arrest of Guy Fawkes.  It is said that they were on route to Wales after meeting at Dunchurch, near Rugby.

Welsh Road, which runs through the village, was an old sheep drovers’ route connecting London and Wales.

Within the Cubbington boundary there are three shopping areas, three pubs (one with a restaurant), two garages (one including a petrol station), two churches (Church of England and Methodist), two schools, a Village Hall and a Community Pavilion.  The village is also served by a bus route operating to and from the nearby town centre of Royal Leamington Spa.

The Parish Council has 12 Councillors and meets in the Village Hall on the second Tuesday of every month at 7.30 pm except in April and August when there are no meetings.

The Member of Parliament for the village is Mr Jeremy Wright MP who is the member for the Kenilworth and Southam Constituency having first been elected in May 2010.


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